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Color Consulting

I've been a professional color consultant since 2001. At first I created color palettes for home interiors as part of my feng shui practice. My clients loved how the right paint palette brought out the best in their furnishings and increased their comfort and pleasure in their dwellings. The right colors gave such a bang for the buck I wanted to do more--like for people. 


I knew how the right colors could enhance the way a person looked and felt because I "had my colors done" back in 1971. For years I wanted to add that to my services but had been unable to find someone to train me. In 2014, a friend turned me onto Olga Kamova at Image and Color Institute in Cupertino, who specializes in teaching the analytical techniques and 24 "seasons" originated by Suzanne Caygill in the 1940s. I've been creating unique personal color palettes in a collaborative face-to-face process in my studio ever since.  

For lots more about these services:

  • Joyful Spaces (for the home--focussed on color, but informed by feng shui principles)

  • ColorStylePDX (for custom color palettes and seasonal style)

Woman with Vital Spring color palette
Man with Dusk Summer color palette
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