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The Cherry Pie Paradox
The Surprising Path to Diet Freedom and Lasting Weight Loss

You deserve to enjoy what you eat without guilt, to appreciate the astonishing gift that is your body, and to free your energy for the important work of your life. This book opens the door to that freedom.

The Cherry Pie Paradox introduces a step-by-step process that goes beyond mindful eating to help you uncover the old stories and counter-productive behaviors that have kept you stuck. There's something for everyone here, regardless of the nature of your "problem."

Where to Get It

The Cherry Pie Paradox is a road map to freedom, not a diet.
It's also a fun, inspiring and thought-provoking read.


The Cherry Pie Paradox Workbook

YOUR PARTNER IN SUCCESS. Step by step, put these powerful tools into daily practice for lasting change. The Workbook is essential as an accompaniment to the Audiobook. Available now at Amazon, etc. See below for special offer!

What’s inside:

  • Writing prompts for each chapter

  • Track your progress--charts, forms, etc.

  • Space to dump those old stories that have kept you stuck and envision the new, freer you.

  • Links to the meditations

  • Ideas for creating your own support group.


FREE AUDIOBOOK OFFER ends soon! After you buy the Book or Workbook, and you'd like the convenience of the audiobook, with the guided meditations right there, email me and I'll send you instructions. (The technical gyrations to automate this process have me stumped!)

Book cover "The Cherry Pie Paradox"
The Workbook

What's Your "Problem"...?

The aspect of this book that will best suit YOU depends on the nature of your "problem" -- whether your concerns are relatively recent or have been ongoing for decades, and whether you want to lose weight or just make peace with food and the body you have.  

Under-attention to your body's cues?
If you never worried about your weight...  until one day your jeans didn't zip, or the doctor announced your health would improve if you lost weight. What happened here?? You had always thought of yourself as a “thin” person.
This is a problem of under-attention—ignoring what your mouth and body have been trying to tell you. Use the SuperTools to reawaken your inner sylph.


Over-attention to your body's imperfections? 
You don't want to lose weight; you simply want to feel good about your body as it is. But the trash-talker in your head won't shut up with its endless "shoulds." It's tragic to dislike the only body you’ll ever receive.  Instead, befriend your body as it is, and allow yourself to enjoy what you eat without guilt or shame. The mindfulness exercises and SuperTools can help.

Over-attention and under-attention? If you’ve been a chronic yo-yo dieter, you've accumulated a lot of mental baggage. It's a problem of over-attention to the trash-talker in your head, and under-attention to your body's signals and to the actual experience of eating. You’ll need time, focus, and patience to free yourself for good. It’s important to do all the exercises sequentially. And repeat as needed.

What others say...

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— Geneen Roth, author of the #1 NYT bestseller, Women Food and God, Breaking Free From Compulsive Eating  says: 

"In 1977 I took Joy Imboden’s ground-breaking Thin Within workshop. It changed my life and was the beginning of developing my own thoughts and program for breaking free from compulsive eating. Most people are synthesizers, but Joy is a true original. She is finally taking her place with this important book." 

Other delighted readers say:

"Joy's original Thin Within program forever changed my relationship to food, eating, and my body. I'm at peace, and haven't worried about my weight in decades."


"I got so engrossed reading this book that three hours passed before I looked up! It's wonderfully written--a weaving together of useful information, insight and storytelling."


"I loved the hands-on experiments and all the life coaching insights. It digs much deeper into realistic solutions that last than "intuitive eating."

"The most delightful diet book you'll ever read. But's not actually a diet book. More like a roadmap to your own journey to freedom from destructive, guilt-laden and obsessive food habits."

"Personal stories make the author seem like a really wise and caring friend, who's been there. If she can do this so can we!"

"Actionable science-based advice which is realistic and applicable no matter your food preferences or cultural background."

"A welcome change from shame-y, preachy, restrictive  books about food and health."

"Her approach to gaining control of our food choices can be applied to any pattern of behavior we have difficulty sustaining."

"A great read with a profound message--inspiring, informative and often funny! Refreshingly different from other books about weight loss!!"

—Chérie Carter-Scott, Ph.D. MCC, author of NYT  bestseller, If Life is a Game These are the Rules: 10 Rules for Being Human says:

"Joy offers a path to befriending your body and the food that nourishes it.

Her warmth, wisdom, sense of humor, and relatable experiences
make her the perfect coach for this rewarding journey."

"The Thin Within course you taught in Palo Alto, California back in 1978 changed my entire relationship with food, and made me into a lifelong mindful eater. So this is a thank-you note from someone on whose life you effected profound, positive change nearly forty years ago."

Marcie Mayer, Kea, Greece

"Joy’s step-by-step guide to making peace with food and your body works from the inside out. It’s a discovery process that helps you know yourself better, make more conscious choices, and become a healthier person."

—Barbara Abrams DrPH, RD, Professor Emeritus, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley

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