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Is this book right for you?

The Cherry Pie Paradox is a fun, inspiring and thought-provoking read. 
And there is NO diet. But, if you want RESULTS you'll need to put the ideas into ACTION.  

Of course, I think everyone would benefit from a healthier, more satisfying relationship with food and their bodies by following these practices. However, what will be most helpful to you depends on whether your concerns are relatively recent or have been ongoing for decades, and whether you want to lose weight or just make peace with food and the body you have. What is your "problem?"

Over-attention and under-attention? If you’ve been a chronic yo-yo dieter, you will have accumulated a lot of negative mental baggage. Your weight issues have become a problem of over-attention—listening too much to the trash-talker in your head, and of under-attention—not being mindful of your body or your food. You’ll need time, focus, and patience to free yourself for good. It’s important to do all the exercises sequentially.

Under-attention? If you never worried about your weight...  until one day in middle age you could no longer zip your jeans, or the doctor announced your health would improve if you lost weight, or you looked down at your expanded waist and wondered, What the hell happened here? You had always thought of yourself as a “thin” person. This is a problem of under-attention—ignoring what your mouth and body have been trying to tell you. The eating, hunger, and body awareness exercises (“SuperTools”) should reawaken your inner sylph.

Over-attention? If you simply want to feel good about your body as it is, whatever your weight, this process can help you too. It’s tragic to dislike the only body you’ll ever receive. You have a problem of over-attention to the trash-talker in your head. I hope some of the mindfulness exercises and SuperTools help you befriend the body you have and allow you to enjoy the foods you choose to eat without guilt or shame.

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