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The Cherry Pie Paradox

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If you'd like to dig deeper into some of the book's topics, here are some resources I found useful, grouped by general topic. Feel free to email me if you have additional recommendations.

Tools for self-discovery. The most powerful learning is experiential—approaching your life and your story with boundless curiosity. The secrets within are waiting to be uncovered.

Is Your Weight "Problem" Your Fault? America's love affair with body size and diet goes back to the 19th century. The food industry's dastardly doings are more recent. 

Habit Change. Bad habits (of thinking, self-talk, eating, etc) keep us from achieving our goals. It's important learn all you can about how habits are formed, maintained, and changed. And how to roll with whatever change life throws at you.

Endings, Letting Go, New Beginnings. The only constant is change, said    Heraclitus. And boy, do we resist it! Endings leave a big hole and new beginnings are scary. But only in letting go and opening to the present is there the possibility of creating something better. These books and presentations can help.

Neuroscience, mindset, and your neuroplastic brain. We have learned so much about the brain in recent years—how it perceives, how it learns, how it changes. These books and presentations are fascinating and encouraging.

Meditation, yoga and other mindfulness practices. You don’t have to be a meditator or a yogini to be more mindful, but these practices sure help. Among the significant benefits of regular practice: less anxiety and stress, more focus, deeper awareness of the body and its messages, and the ability to observe your stories and emotions as they arise and dissipate, instead of getting stuck in them.

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