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Can she bake a cherry pie?

Actually, no, she can't. This is the other "Cherry Pie Paradox" (see below* for the original one). I can bake a glorious soufflé, and execute many other complexities in the kitchen, but pie and I are not on speaking terms. You can read the sorry tale of my last attempt here.

The reason for the pie was a photoshoot. An author needs pictures of herself for the back of the book, her website and other promotional purposes. And because my book hinges on a piece of cherry pie, the photo had to include pie. I lined up a great photographer, Kate Singh. My best friend baked the pie. My inimitable hair stylist, Gina McCoy at Salon Moxie, gave my hair some much-needed flouffing. All I had to do was find the right thing to wear and show up at Kate's studio. Kate did her magic, and I could not be more thrilled. It pays to work with professionals. You see the result on this website's home page.

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* The Original Cherry Pie Paradox (in case you missed that newsletter) Back in the olden days, when I had just failed at my jillionth diet, I knew I had to do something very different to resolve my weight problem, beyond just becoming more mindful--but what?? This is the short version of what for me was a life-changing moment. I had stopped by my friend Carol's house to drop off my kids for a play date. She was just having breakfast and invited me to join her. Because I was trying to lose weight, I opted for a cup of black coffee. Not Carol. Her breakfast was a big piece of fresh-baked cherry pie. To me, pie for breakfast was inconceivable. And Carol was tiny! But that wasn't all. Halfway through her piece she decided she was full and dumped the rest of it in the garbage. If she had left the room, I would have jumped in the garbage can after it.

It was at this moment my concepts about what it takes to be a "thin" person were shattered. I realized that most diets were the work of folks who worried about their weight. I wanted to stop worrying about what I ate and be like Carol--normal. With that kernel of an idea, and lots of observation of how people of all sizes and shapes ate and thought about food, I created a discovery process for myself to help me unearth my own inner Carol. This was the kernel that became the Thin Within workshops, on which my forthcoming book is based (plus a whole lot more I've learned in 40 years).

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