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Book Release Sept. 24!

The Cherry Pie Paradox is coming out! I'm thrilled and freaked out.

I only procrastinated on writing it for 40 years, then took 3 years to write, revise, revise and revise it. I'm super proud of it because it's a terrific book. On the one hand it is light-hearted, and the other it is pretty damn profound. It's an action process of self-discovery, so readers will get out of it what they put into it.

I've already been a guest on three podcasts (links coming as soon as they air) and would love to speak to your podcast listeners too. It's not a showy book launch because I don't run in social media influencer circles, so it's up to me to market it and my enthusiastic readers to share it with others.

For the next few weeks it's only available on Amazon (print and ebook) because Ingram, the distributor to independent booksellers and libraries, is experiencing publishing delays. The audiobook will be out in late fall.


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