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Joy's first YouTube Interview!

The Cherry Pie Paradox comes out in just a few weeks, and it's up to me to let folks know how fabulous it is, and that they should buy a copy for themselves and for every friend who's ever wanted to get off the diet hamster wheel--and still be able to eat foods they love without feeling guilty.

So I've been busy. My first appearance as a podcast guest went well. You can listen OR view it on YouTube. Fuzzy photo is a screen grab from the video (link at the bottom of the post). Shelly Drymon has a large and active Facebook group, "Women Over 50: A Life Redesigned," which I recommend if you fall in that category.

We talk about how I coped after my first husband died in 1974, leaving me with two pre-schoolers and a weight obsession. Then we talk about my solo sabbatical, a two-month cross-country trip I took in 2001 after my second husband and I parted ways. That trip is probably worth a book in itself, because I'd never done anything by myself ever. (OK, I had my dog with me: "Travels with Molly.")

I'm actively seeking podcast interviews, so if you have suggestions, shoot me an email from the Contact page.


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