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#AmWriting podcast guest!

How the sausage is made...

I was interviewed last week by KJ Dell'Antonia* for #AmWriting, my all-time favorite podcast for writers. She loved the Cherry Pie Paradox, but we mostly talked about how the sausage was made--in other words, all the ups and downs, curveballs and surprises that writing a book entails.

In my case, I promised myself that I'd write a book about creating Thin Within and the Thin Within process in 1980 (yes, 41 years ago!) when I sold my part of it to my business partner, Judy Wardell Halliday. But life intervened and as I approached my 80th birthday I realized it was piss or get off the pot (which was exactly how I talked to myself about it).

*KJ was the editor at the New York Times who thought it would be cool if I'd write an essay about my older son's design startup. (He is an industrial designer, and at the time had created some very elegant vibrators--think Apple.) She left the NYT to write novels, and her very fun book, The Chicken Sisters, was a 2020 NYT bestseller.


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