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Reflections on widowed parenting

Decades later, I discuss it on Jenny Lisk's popular podcast

If you've read the juicy first chapter of my book, The Cherry Pie Paradox, you already know that my husband died of cancer at 29, leaving me to raise our two kids (just 3 and 6) by myself. I did not handle it very well, and my anguish led to an exacerbation of my weight problems... and eventually to giving up diets forever and in 1975 creating the Thin Within workshops.

Jenny Lisk, a young widow, hosts the super-helpful podcast, The Widowed Parent. She interviews widows, widowers, adults who lost a parent as a child, and experts on parenting, grief, and surviving.

I was her podcast guest last week, reflecting on that tumultuous time--how I screwed up and what I did well, and how my children responded then and how the loss affects them today. It was an illuminating conversation that I hope will help other young widows avoid some mistakes and take heart that "it gets better--a lot better."


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