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The best testimonial ever!

MEANWHILE...the BEST testimonial ever, inasmuch as Geneen Roth has 69,000 (😳) Facebook followers, and when she recommends, people take notice.

Geneen was my student at Thin Within back in the late 1970s. I moved on to other adventures in 1980 (weight problems resolved for good). She went on to create her own wonderful programs and has changed many lives. So grateful that she carries on this important work in her own inspiring way.

"So y'all, check out Joy's book..."

You have NO idea how much it means to a currently unknown author like me when a well-known colleague with thousands of active followers speaks out like this. Word of mouth is the only way such a book spreads, so sharing with people you know, reviewing it on Amazon* (pretty please 🙏), buying or gifting it, asking your local library or bookstore to carry it -- anything you can do to help spread the word-- I'd be super grateful. Thanks.

* How to find the Amazon review prompt from a mobile device:

1. On thebook page, click on the ★★★★★.

2. On the next screen there's a > to the right of the ★★★★★. Click the > .

3. On the NEXT screen opposite the ★★★★★ it says "write a review."

4. Write the review. Sheesh! And thanks!


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