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Calibrate your Internal Fuel Gauge

The Cherry Pie Paradox offers many tools to help you harness the chaos of your mind, so there's less trash-talking and more good stuff you can put to work for you.

A powerful awareness tool from the book, just for you!

To help you better connect to your body's hunger and fullness signals, I'm sharing the short but potent meditation from Chapter 5: Calibrating your Internal Fuel Gauge. This is a foundational awareness practice that many find incredibly helpful, regardless of any weight concerns. [Graphic by Kim Murton, one of a dozen in the book]

Why Calibrate your Internal Fuel Gauge?

Like a car, your body needs regular infusions of fuel to keep itself going. The body’s fuel is oxygen and food. Fortunately, our lungs handle intake of oxygen on their own, but the intake of food is up to us. Too often we eat because the clock says 6:00, or because an unpleasant task looms, or because others are eating. And then we keep eating because there’s still some food on the plate, and wasting food is a no-no, or the cook might be offended if we leave any.

Cars have fuel gauges to let us know how much fuel they’ve got in the tank, but humans lack this easy-to-read feature. Instead, we have to rely on sensations from within the body. I can’t tell you what those sensations are for you, because they’re probably different from mine. Also, how you interpret them will be unique to you.

Once you recognize these messages, an internal fuel gauge check takes just a few seconds, and soon becomes automatic. Do it before, during, and after you eat. It will soon become automatic and spare you the discomfort and added calories of eating too much. To do this body check-in, give yourself about five minutes where you won’t be disturbed.

Click here or on the cherries and the meditation will begin to play in a new window. Try using this tool for several days and let me know what you discover!

Here's what one happy Amazon reviewer said:

I have tried many diets and fads over the years, and I always seem to lose a few pounds then go back to hovering 5-10 pounds over my right size. I 'm excited to be doing something that doesn’t involve either extreme food prep or long periods of hunger. The new habits I’m building through the exercises in the book (including paying a lot more attention when I’m eating) are working. I already feel more in control and motivated to continue.


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