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Cherry Pie Paradox is REAL!

After 40 years procrastinating and 3+ years writing, I hold the physical book in my hands. It's not just a reality, it's a thing of beauty! It should be available for your orders before the end of September. I can hardly wait for you to see it!

We're waiting on formatting the ebook--it's a complex layout, as those who buy the physical book will see. The audio for the nine powerful guided meditations is being finalized as well. A complete audiobook should be out in time for the holiday rush and your New Years Resolution that 2022 is the year you end your weight wars for good!

I was just talking with a psychoanalyst friend who took the Thin Within course many years ago. She had been clearing out some files and came across her class notebook. She said:

This is brilliant and profound stuff, Joy. Reviewing my notes reminded me of how much I learned from you. If the book is half as good as the Thin Within course, your readers will be fortunate indeed. Bravo!

You can get the juicy first chapter and also get notified of the book's availability and any related events by clicking the subscribe button below, or the "Send me a taste" button above. I'm actively seeking podcast interviews, so if you have suggestions, shoot me an email from the Contact page.


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